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History of CCSD
California College San Diego was formerly known as California College for Health Sciences (CCHS) and before that as the California College for Respiratory Therapy (CCRT).

Prior to moving to California in April 1976, CCRT was located in Phoenix, Arizona, and was known as the Scottsdale Education Center, which originated in December 1971. As a vocational-technical school, it offered a variety of allied health and technical programs. In January 1974, a Respiratory Therapy Technician Program was started and continued in Phoenix until 1976.

Upon moving to California, Scottsdale Education Center became California College for Respiratory Therapy and operated in San Diego from 1977 to 1980, offering only a Respiratory Therapy Technician program. In 1978 CCRT launched a distance education model of its Respiratory Therapy program. CCRT changed its name in 1983 to California College for Health Sciences (CCHS).

National Education Company (NEC)/International Correspondence Schools (ICS) acquired the College in June 1996. In June 1997, Harcourt General acquired NEC, ICS's parent corporation, and CCHS. In 2001, the Thomson Corporation acquired ICS (now Education Direct) and CCHS.

In May 2003, the College was purchased by California College, Inc. and became the newest member of a family of schools that includes the Stevens-Henager Colleges in Utah and Idaho and the CollegeAmerica schools in Colorado, Wyoming, and Arizona. At that time, the name of the institution was changed to California College San Diego (CCSD), and the academic offerings were expanded to include degree programs in business, technology, and medical specialties.

Institutional Accreditation

In order to assess quality of education, each institution of higher learning is evaluated against certain accreditation standards. California College San Diego is pleased to be accredited by the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges). Accrediting agencies continually investigate colleges to see how well they perform in upholding their integrity, communication, ongoing improvement, and accountability. Agencies of accreditation ensure that the institutions for which they're responsible consistently meet high educational standards.

More About Accreditation

Postsecondary education is one of the nation's more highly regulated industries. Several methods exist for regulating institutions of higher education, including state regulatory and licensing, accreditation, and federal rules from the Higher Education Act of 1965 Title IV.

Accreditation is the oldest method of regulation. However, many people don't fully understand accreditation. It comes from the Latin word credito, "to trust." Accrediting educational institutions is done for two purposes: 1) quality assurance, and 2) measurement of ongoing self-improvement. Agencies of accreditation continuously evaluate colleges and universities to verify that they uphold high performance levels, keep up constant self-improvement, maintain high integrity, and stay in conformity with the agency's established standards.

By assessing the quality of higher institutions, including the programs they offer, accreditation increases the postsecondary-education community's confidence, as well as that of each institution's constituencies. Accreditation gives students, parents, employers, and other institutions proof of an institution's quality. Students can't qualify for federal financial aid unless they attend a school accredited by an agency that the U.S. Department of Education has approved.

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