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Platt College


Our History
Platt College began as part of a proprietary institution in 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was known as one of the first business colleges west of the Mississippi. As we’ve evolved, we’ve continued to offer career training courses designed to satisfy the needs of the changing job market. At Platt College, we’re committed to providing career education that reflects the needs of today’s employers. Our career training programs in Healthcare, Culinary and Nursing are designed to satisfy the interests of our students with the goal to prepare them for their careers.
Our Mission
Platt College is dedicated to providing an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, which can allow students to pursue their career goals and meet industry demands.
At Platt College, we understand that all students are different. By providing sound instruction and a positive learning environment, we believe that Platt truly offers a one of a kind educational experience.
Our Focus
At Platt College, students gain hands-on career training in their chosen fields. They leave ready to work and ready to make a difference. Each student here is an individual with unique needs and a unique set of skills. We focus on uncovering those skills and providing students with the support they need to become confident and successful professionals.
As one of Oklahoma’s largest private colleges, we’ve grown steadily over the years because our students know that at Platt we truly care. If you’re looking for career education, like our culinary schools in Oklahoma, and you’re ready to start a new career that can take you where you want to go, contact us today.
Accept our warm welcome into the Platt College family, and prepare yourself for the life-changing journey that awaits.

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